Raw Silk Core
Raw Silk Core

Raw Silk Core

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For returning customers only, KAILU offers additional raw silk cores for purchase.

  • 100% long-strand mulberry silk fill
  • 100% cotton fabric casing
  • Allergy resistant / dust-mite free
  • Naturally temperature regulating 
  • Supremely breathable
  • Includes 8+ ties to correspond with duvet cover
  • Hidden zipper closure
  • 100% cotton
  • Sateen fabric: classic 4 over 1 sateen weave using cotton yarn in both warp and weft, elegant drape, slight sheen
  • White fabric, with choice of white or black piping
  • Perfectly fitted to raw silk cores to prevent gaping and bunching
  • Includes 8+ ties to keep raw silk cores in place
  • Hidden zipper closure

Proudly handmade in ChinaDesigned in San Francisco. 

Queen: 86 in. x 86 in.
King: 94 in. x 104 in.
Emperor: 98 in. x 110 in.

We recommend Emperor for a Cal-King bed, and Queen for a Full or Twin bed.

To maximize the effectiveness of raw silk, our duvets have been designed to “float.” If you prefer a draped style or wish to tuck it under your mattress, we recommend choosing the next size up. 

    The KAILU Heritage Duvet features a single core or a dual core, allowing you to purchase your ideal weight and easily customize your duvet for warmer or cooler months. 



    A wonderful weight without the overheating, our single core duvets are ideal for warmer climates and for those who sleep on the warmer side.  

    Includes: 1 raw silk core + 1 duvet cover
    Total weight: 7 to 11 lb., depending on size
    Profile: Minimal




    Our dual core duvets are easily customizable for all four seasons: Insert one raw silk core for summer and two for winter. 

    Includes: 2 raw silk cores + 1 duvet cover

    Total weight: 12 to 17 lb., depending on size

    Profile: Fluffy

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    raw silk

    Inside each KAILU duvet is the highest-grade long-strand mulberry silk. The silk is “unreel” — it is left in its fluffy raw form to retain its unique wellness benefits: hypoallergenic, naturally temperature regulating, and supremely breathable.