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A roundup of products and treatments that keep skin and hair hydrated while you sleep.
The Top Four Duvet and Comforter Materials - KAILU

From raw silk to down to bamboo to wool, there are many different types of duvet and comforter fillings. But when it comes to controlling temperature, night sweats, and breathability, not all are created equal. Read on for the pros and cons of the best natural materials.

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips from an Interior Designer - KAILU
There are a lot of things in your bedroom that subconsciously you don’t realize are impacting you,” says interior designer and feng shui expert Joanna Lily Wong. She shares easy tips with KAILU readers to make small changes to your bedroom that create big improvements in sleep.
3 Dreamy Reasons Why You’ll Sleep Better Under Silk - KAILU
Silk: nature’s choice for restorative sleep, night after night. From eye masks to sheets and pillowcases, the possibilities for incorporating silk into our nightly routines are plentiful. Less well-known are silk-filled blankets and duvets. Read on for three benefits of sleeping under layers of raw silk.
How to turn a generic space into a meaningful place - KAILU
"It’s an opportunity to tell a story.” — Batch’s Lindsay Meyer, with design tips for KAILU's Open Road readers on how to turn a new space into a meaningful place using local brands and products.