Heritage Duvet Set
Heritage Silk Duvet Set
Heritage Silk Duvet Set
Heritage Silk Duvet Set
Heritage Silk Duvet Set
Heritage Silk Duvet Set
Heritage Silk Duvet Set
Heritage Silk Duvet Set
Heritage Silk Duvet Set
Heritage Silk Duvet Set

Heritage Silk Duvet Set

Winner of Best Duvet, Women's Health magazine
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Winner of Best Duvet, Women's Health magazine Healthy Sleep Awards, 2021

Named Best Luxury Comforter, Women's Health magazine 12 Best Cooling Comforters, 2021

KAILU's raw silk-filled duvet is the product of old-world artisanal handcraft and modern design, resulting in a uniquely luxurious sleep experience. With an ultra-smooth feel and evenly pressured weight, our duvet is filled with fluffy raw silk that is hand stretched into blanket-size layers, stacked, and then hand stitched to prevent shifting and cold spots.

This all-season duvet set has been thoughtfully designed for year-round comfort. It has a single or dual core, allowing you to purchase your ideal weight and easily customize your duvet for warmer or cooler months. Plus, every set comes with a washable duvet cover to ensure a long life. Experience thousands of years of heritage, all from your bed.

      • 100% long-strand mulberry silk fill
      • 100% cotton fabric casing
      • Allergy resistant / dust-mite free
      • Naturally temperature regulating 
      • Supremely breathable
      • Includes 8+ ties to correspond with duvet cover
      • Hidden zipper closure
      • 100% cotton
      • Sateen fabric: classic 4 over 1 sateen weave using cotton yarn in both warp and weft, elegant drape, slight sheen
      • White fabric, with choice of white or black piping
      • Perfectly fitted to raw silk cores to prevent gaping and bunching
      • Includes 8+ ties to keep raw silk cores in place
      • Hidden zipper closure

      Proudly handmade in ChinaDesigned in San Francisco. 

      Queen: 86 in. x 86 in.
      King: 94 in. x 104 in.
      Emperor: 98 in. x 110 in.

      We recommend Emperor for a Cal-King bed, and Queen for a Full or Twin bed.

      To maximize the effectiveness of raw silk, our duvets have been designed to “float.” If you prefer a draped style or wish to tuck it under your mattress, we recommend choosing the next size up. 

      Not sure which size is right? Take our QUIZ.

      The KAILU Heritage Duvet features a single core or a dual core, allowing you to purchase your ideal weight and easily customize your duvet for warmer or cooler months. 



      A wonderful weight without the overheating, our single core duvets are ideal for warmer climates and for those who sleep on the warmer side.  

      Includes: 1 raw silk core + 1 duvet cover
      Total weight: 7 to 11 lb., depending on size
      Profile: Minimal




      Our dual core duvets are easily customizable for all four seasons: Insert one raw silk core for summer and two for winter. 

      Includes: 2 raw silk cores + 1 duvet cover

      Total weight: 12 to 17 lb., depending on size

      Profile: Fluffy

      Best Silk Cooling Comforter, MarketWatch 5 Best Cooling Comforters, 2022

      Best Duvet, Women's Health magazine Healthy Sleep Awards, 2021

      Best Luxury Comforter, WomensHealthMag.com 12 Best Cooling Comforters, 2021

      A KAILU duvet — meticulously crafted of raw silk that is organically farmed, harvested, and hand stretched by passionate and infinitely patient artisans — can last 15 to 20 years if you treat it with care. Raw silk contains a natural protein called Sericin, which many researchers say reduces the possibility of allergic reactions and discourages microbial growth. Exposure to water and intense heat can degrade these unique protections, not to mention make the raw silk clump and stick together. 

      Please read the following tips carefully to ensure your KAILU raw silk duvet maintains its unique protections and stands the test of time.  


      We designed our duvets with a removable duvet cover to protect the raw silk and to feel luxurious next to your skin. To wash, remove your duvet cover and machine wash it separately with lukewarm water and gentle detergent, tumble dry low, and, if you prefer a crisp look, use an iron on a medium or lightweight cotton setting.


      One to two times per year, place your raw silk core outside on a sunny day to sun cure it without chemicals. Lay it flat or drape it over a drying rack for about an hour, and then flip it over for another hour. Protect it from dirt and debris by keeping the duvet cover on or using a light sheet. 


      If a spill happens, immediately remove the protective duvet cover to machine wash it. Then spot clean the silk core(s) using a mixture of cold water + white vinegar + baking soda and gently dabbing with a damp sponge. Do not soak. Let the silk core air-dry. Repeat, if needed.


      If your duvet requires a deep clean, ask a trusted dry cleaner to pin the raw silk in place and to use hydrocarbon solvents, which are gentler and have a longer cleaning cycle than conventional professional cleaning chemicals (not to mention less harmful to workers and the environment).


      We never recommend machine washing or wet cleaning the raw silk core, as this will make the layers stick together, degrade the silk, and shorten the lifespan of your duvet.  

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      RAW SILK


      Inside each KAILU duvet and throw is the highest-grade long-strand mulberry silk. The silk is “unreel” — it is left in its fluffy raw form to retain its unique wellness benefits: hypoallergenic, naturally temperature regulating, and supremely breathable.