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3 Dreamy Reasons Why You’ll Sleep Better Under Silk - KAILU
Silk: nature’s choice for restorative sleep, night after night. From eye masks to sheets and pillowcases, the possibilities for incorporating silk into our nightly routines are plentiful. Less well-known are silk-filled blankets and duvets. Read on for three benefits of sleeping under layers of raw silk.
How to turn a generic space into a meaningful place - KAILU
"It’s an opportunity to tell a story.” — Batch’s Lindsay Meyer, with design tips for KAILU's Open Road readers on how to turn a new space into a meaningful place using local brands and products.
Law student turned designer infuses Asian folklore into French design - KAILU
In our Meet the Makers series, we converse with creatives around the world who share KAILU's passion for exceptional craftsmanship and design like Félicie Corre-Le Blan, co-founder of Shanghai-grown label Chinoises: “Everyone has an image of a ‘princess dress.’ I would dream about a silk coat with fabulous colors and embroidery, the Chinese way.”
Welcome to the Open Road - KAILU
A new blog from KAILU that brings to life the stories of explorers, makers, far-flung destinations, and exquisite objects that we encounter from around the world.