Here's Why KAILU's New Portable Throw Is the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

Here's Why KAILU's New Portable Throw Is the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season - KAILU

Stylish, cozy, and compact, KAILU’s New Open Road Portable Throw may just be the go-to accessory for 2021.

When KAILU’s founder asked customer and friend Adam Reeb to be the first to try out the new Open Road Portable Throw, the globe-trotter didn’t hesitate. “I was about to board a long-haul flight from Arizona to Dubai to propose to my boyfriend, so I was already anxious,” said Reeb, who already owns a raw silk Heritage Duvet. “I love my duvet because it keeps me from getting too hot, so I thought, if there’s a way to take a smaller version of it with me and stay cozy and calm on a 20-hour flight, then I’m all for it.”
KAILU's Open Road Portable Throw

Reeb prepares to unwind on the long flight ahead with his KAILU Open Road Portable Throw. 

The Open Road Portable Throw set, which just launched online, came about as a remedy for a traveler’s sleepless nights on the road. The throw is filled with fluffy raw silk, which is hand-stretched by artisans and is lightweight and supremely breathable, as well as hypoallergenic. Complete with a washable cover, a drawstring carrying pouch, and, for a limited time, a silk eye mask, this trio of travel essentials is delightfully compact (no need to make room in your luggage) — and offers an elegant alternative to tussling with ill-fitting, synthetic airplane blankets and suffocating under hotel comforters. “I just rolled it up and carried it on,” Reeb says of the throw.

KAILU Open Road Portable Throw - Two Tone

Whether you’d prefer the blank canvas aesthetic of the crisp white cover or the peony-and-bird design in rich jewel tones, the Open Road Throw embodies effortlessly chic style. 

Meanwhile, the collection’s two colors — one, a crisp white with contrasting black piping, and the other, two-tone with white on one side and a vintage 1950s peony-and-bird design on rich emerald (and durable) linen on the other — are so effortlessly chic that they’ll surely capture the attention of envious travelers. How to choose? “I went with the white because I am a minimalist. If I got it dirty, I could just remove the cover and wash it. What other travel blankets come with a washable cover?” Reeb said. (Both covers are machine washable.)

KAILU Open Road Portable Throw - Classic White

Enhance your sleep routine, embrace inner calm, and create your own minimalist sanctuary with KAILU’s Open Road Portable Throw in classic white. 

With the holiday season here, consider it the ultimate gift to give to a special someone. “My fiancé — he said yes! — has his eye on it. He wants something to keep him cozy when he works from home, and he likes to make a statement when it comes to style, so definitely the emerald two-tone,” Reeb said. “I think I’ll surprise him with it this Christmas!”





Make stargazing, movie nights on the sofa, hotel stays, plane travel, and even working from home more luxurious with KAILU's three-piece set. The throw’s ultra-smooth feel and temperature-regulating features will keep you comfortable indoors and out, and the set’s compact shape and light weight make it easy to carry without taking up extra room in your luggage.

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